A Small Measure of Justice

From Holden:

The United States Supreme Court has ordered a lower court to review its decision approving Tom DeLay’s illegal redistricting of Texas’ House delegation. In effect the Court is asking them to come back with a better decision. Why not reject the lower court’s ruling out of hand? What, are you crazy? We’ve got to install those Republicans in their illegally gerrymandered seats first.

The Supreme Court on Monday ordered a lower court to reconsider a Texas congressional map that could give Republicans six more seats in Congress in upcoming elections and help the GOP protect its majority.

The announcement is a victory for Democrats, but will not affect next month’s elections.

Justices threw out a victory for Texas Republican legislators, who had been accused of going far to draw new congressional boundaries after two out-of-state walkouts by Democrats.


The Supreme Court has been divided on how much politics should be allowed in redistricting. In a 5-4 ruling this past spring, justices left a narrow opening for challenges claiming party politics overly influenced election maps.

The court said Monday that the Texas map should be viewed again, in light of that decision.


Washington attorney Paul M. Smith, one of the attorneys for opponents of the new map, said in a Supreme Court filing that the Texas experience “is proof that the redistricting process in this country has gone completely haywire.”