Is Rush’s Money Where His Mouth Is?

From Holden:

I was listening to the Bloated Addict show during lunch, as is my habit. Always good for a laugh, the man has been spinning desperately since the first debate.

Today I heard him slur with great bluster that “George Soros and some other guy have given John Kerry $18 million.” Well, this is an obvious lie as no individual can give that much money to John Kerry’s campaign. But it got me thinking.

The Pill-popping Prick thinks George W. Bush is great, fantastic, practically the second coming. I wonder how much money he has given to the Bush campaign?

So I paid a visit to the Open Secrets web site where one can search for the contributions any individual has made during this election cycle. First I searched for the last name of Limbaugh in the state of Florida. The search produced one name, Marcia Limbaugh of Orlando who gave $300 to Bush. You might think, well, that’s his ex-wife, maybe he gave George $300 in her name while they were still together.

But the Fat Junkie’s latest ex goes by the name of Marta, and she and Oxycontinboy used to live together in his mansion in Palm Beach, not Orlando.

So I tried another search, this time with the last name Limbaugh in any state. I came up with three individuals: Marcia of Orlando again, Bruce of Birmingham, Alabama, and James F. of Birmingham as well. Nobody else with the last name Limbaugh is in the donor database.

Maybe he gave Bush money under the name of his radio “network”, EIB? Nope. EIB stands for Excellence in Broadcasting (try not to vomit), what about that one? No dice.

What about the 2000 election? Dickless Wonder’s brother David gave $2,000 to Bush and $1,000 to Ashcroft in 2000, but no record for the Little Blue Lover.

Nor did I find anything for 1990, 1996, 1998, or 2002.

I did find that in 1992 Pill-Piggy gave $200 to George H. W. Bush and $1,000 to Christopher Bond and in 1994 the Drugged-out Hypocrite gave $1,000 to Oliver North.

But, as far as I can tell, the Bigotted Capsule Cruncher has NEVER GIVEN A DIME TO EITHER GEORGE W. BUSH OR THE REPUBLICAN PARTY.

Interesting, no?