Kerry Erodes Bush’s Base

From Holden:

The New York Times, besides serving as a forum for the ever-snarky MoDo, provides us with a shocking revelation in relation to the Rev. Robertson’s remarks: John Kerry is doing better among white evangelical Christians than Al Gore did in 2000!

Pollsters say Mr. Robertson’s views of the war are a mirror of a growing skepticism among evangelical Protestants about the invasion of Iraq, though they still support both the invasion and the president much more strongly than do other groups.

In a New York Times/CBS News poll conducted in mid-September – after the conventions but before the debates – a majority of evangelical Protestants said they thought Mr. Bush was not being entirely honest about the way things were going in Iraq: 48 percent said Mr. Bush was mostly telling the truth but hiding something, and an additional 15 percent said he was lying. Only 34 percent said he was telling the entire truth.

Still, in a Pew Research poll released yesterday, 67 percent of white evangelicals said the United States had made the right decision in using force in Iraq, as against only 24 percent who said the decision had been wrong and 10 percent who did not know or declined to answer. Seventy percent said they planned to vote for Mr. Bush, and 22 percent for Mr. Kerry.

I never dreamed that 22% of white evangelicals would vote for John Kerry with only 70% supporting Bush. In 2000 84% of white evangelicals voted for Bush!

So, what’s driving white evangelicals away from the Bush camp? Is it the unjust war, or simply Bush’s failure to repent for entering into an unjust war? How about arranging an illegal abortion for his old girlfriend? Snorting coke at camp David? Banging Midland hookers?

Is it Mary Cheney’s LESBIANISM that’s scaring them off?

In a side note, I think Pat Robertson’s line to God must have some static.

In the CNN interview, Mr. Robertson reversed himself on one prophecy. On his “700 Club” television program in January, he declared that Mr. Bush would win re-election “in a walk,” and added, “I really believe I’m hearing from the Lord it’s going to be a blowout election in 2004.”

On Tuesday, however, he conceded, “I thought it was going to be a blowout, but I think it’s razor thin now.”