Rehnquist Update: A Very Sick Man

From Holden:

The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court is undergoing chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

The combination of radiation and chemotherapy raises the suspicion that Rehnquist’s cancer is not one of the common types that are usually easily treatable, said Dr. Joseph Geradts of Roswell Park Cancer Institute in Buffalo, N.Y.

The most common types are papillary and follicular cancer, and they are generally responsive to radioactive iodine, Geradts said. Chemotherapy could be needed if it is the more aggressive form, called anaplastic, he said.

He noted that the gland is often removed as part of cancer treatment, but in cases of anaplastic cancer the thyroid sometimes cannot be readily removed.

The presence of a tracheotomy to ease Rehnquist’s breathing also might indicate anaplastic cancer, Geradts said, since that form can squeeze the trachea.

I don’t mean to be ghoulish or mean-spirited. But Justice Rehnquist is one of five people who decided that all the votes in Florida should not be counted and gave the presidency to George Bush in an ill-written and unsupportable decision. He should no longer be on the court, and neither should O’Connor, Kennedy, Scalia, or Thomas.