End of Days at The Corner

From Holden:

Jonah Goldberg is soliciting voter stories over at The Corner.

One reader seemed to have a satire-difficiency:

Jonah – I haven’t voted yet, but will after work. (Republicans have jobs. [Must be one of those menial jobs in which they don’t give you time off to vote.]) But I saw a few signs on my way to work today in NH near Portsmouth that show how desperate Kerry’s people are. There were several signs along the road – they weren’t out yesterday – that appeared to be Bush-Cheney signs. Same logo, colors ,etc. Beneath the names was a phrase – “A sales tax is a fair tax” and “Courage to ban stem cell research” . These are clearly phony signs meant to sway voters in NH. They had to go out last night, because had they gone out earlier, Bush supporters would have removed them. Pretty dirty pool by people who can’t win votes on the merits of their positions.

While a second simply pissed in Jonah’s coffee:

Voted in Ann Arbor this morning. Polls opened at 7:00 and I was there at 6:55. NEVER seen a poll line that long and I always vote at 7:00. It took 45 minutes to get to the booth. It was the longest 45 minutes of my life: listening to the insufferable liberal Ann Arborites were chatting with each other. Comments like this by an excited mother: “I spoke to my son in Portland last night, and, guess what?, Oregon is now a blue state!” Please.

This is truely solidly Kerry country, so I was depressed by the large eager turnout. The people seemed *so* self satisfied, like they were doing their part to save the world by getting up early to vote for Kerry.

My sense is that Michigan is definitely going for Kerry.

Poor Nelson, he’s going to be hoarse before the day is out.