Something to Hang Your Hat On

From Holden:

Kos gives us hope:

Bush is currently leading in Ohio by 136,221 If there are 250,000 provisional ballots outstanding. The highest number I’ve seen.

And 90% of those ballots are good, as they were in 2000. That leaves 225,000 votes.

If 85% of those ballots prove to be for Kerry, about the number that Gore got in 2000. That leaves us with 191,250, giving us a lead of 55,029.

If there are only 200,000 provisionals, following the same calculation would leave us with a lead of 16,779.

If the provisional ballots are only 175,000 that leaves us with a deficit of -2,346 that will leaves us in a position to get an automatic statewide recount.

Or, to put it another way, an automatic recount is triggered by a margin of 0.25% or between 13,000 and 16,000 votes.

Just like in 2000, the Bush camp is claiming victory and trying to prevent all of our votes from being counted. Don’t buy their line, and don’t let them succeed.

Last night before I hit the sack the Crossfire boys were complaining that 250,000 absentee votes from South Florida would not be counted until Thursday. Did anyone hear an update on that? What about the overseas and military votes? I want a full accounting.

UPDATE: Instead of crying or drinking, start working Cosa Nostradamus’ contact list.