The Path Ahead

From Holden:

I’m far from conceeding anything, and I like the direction of our party.

We’re tougher, but not tough enough. We must continue to hold both our elected officials and the media responsible for their actions. Where would we be, I wonder, if the blogs had another year or two to mature prior to last night?

Although I hate to lose any democratic senator, losing Tom Daschle may be the best thing we can take out of this election. But only if we pick a new minority leader who will not go along with whatever the Thugs want. Chris Dodd would be an improvement. Hell, so would John Kerry. I wish I could think of a real bomb-thrower in the Senate, someone as good as Nancy Pelosi, but I’m stumped (and open to suggestions).

We had a strong GOTV effort this year, but not strong enough. Keep pushing, we’re moving in the right direction.

It took two terms for Reagan to implode, don’t be surprised if Republicans regret their support for the Bushboy should he be officially declared the winner of yesterday’s election. The pot is still boiling, they can’t keep the lid clamped down forever.