To pie

AP says Kerry called Bush.

pie sent me an e-mail this morning and I was going to respond just to her, but I think everybody’s asking the same questions: why us? what now? whose back should be stick the knife in? who’s going to write the first post-mortem? etc.Those aren’t all pie’s questions, some of them are Kos diarists, some of them are mine.

Here’s what I propose: A statute of limitations on depression, bargaining, etc of Friday at midnight. A weekend off: go see your spouses, your kids, your friends, go sit in the sun and have a drink. Go do whatever it is you do when you’re not here.

I’d like someone who voted for George McGovern to post something here to remind puling whining pussy-ass little Democrats what a real loss looks like.

I’d like those of us whacking on Naderites for trying to knock off the president instead of a few Senate or Congressional seats to apologize for that particular type of slam; we might do well to look to our own local representatives, too. We tried, but it was too hard to do it all. Let’s redouble our efforts in the midterms.

And I’d like the first person who says something nasty about Kerry, I mean the first ex-campaign staffer who writes a bullshit piece in the New Republic about how Kerry was a shitty candidate, to kindly go fuck himself with a rusty chainsaw. We don’t need that shit right now.

I’d like Senator Kerry to be Minority Leader. I’d like to see that idea get some more play.

I’d like to sleep for a while, and remember not only what I did, but why I did it. The things that are important to me: keeping my brother and sister out of the war, improving our journalism, supporting good candidates, those things are still out there, and I still care about them.

More battle-hardened steely-eyed forward looking, please, and less weepy whiny soul-searching. Fuck it. Let’s start again.