We will live through this, we will

I was born during the days of the House unAmerican Activies Committee. I grew up during the era of the bitter fight for racial equality and justice. I went through junior high and high school during the Vietnam War. I was in college when Nixon resigned in disgrace.
And I’m still here. And I have two choices now: I can give up in despair or I can get up and fight some more.
Right now, I’m as despairing as anyone can be. I haven’t cried like this since my mother died. If this was just about me, I might honestly say “the hell with it,” and just accept this and shut up and go back to living every day without much thought for the bigger issues we face.
But I can’t do that because it is not about me. It’s about the bigger reality we live in. I can’t stop fighting now just because I’ve lost this battle – it’s too important to too many people in this world that the fight continue.
I imagine most of us have asked ourselves what we’d do if the worst happened; I know I have. The only answer that has come to me is that we will hold each other up. We have each other, my little bitches. But far more importantly, we have what is true and right on our side. That being the case, I’m sorry, but we cannot allow ourselves the luxury of defeat and despair. We are the grown-ups. We can’t forget that, or everything will be lost for real.