What is next

I agree with Athenae – let’s impose a time limit on our grief and anger. And then let’s begin to realize something: We have argued endlessly that it is not possible to impose democracy on people from the outside. Well, the same is true here – we cannot impose our vision on an unwilling America.

Mr. Tena, who, I will remind y’all once again, voted a straight Democratic ticket for the first time in his life in this election, said to me last night: “Look, you converted me. You can convert the country but you have got to get up and fight some more.” And we do. We have not done a good job of telling people who we are and what we stand for. We have got to explain it to the country better. We can’t impose our will on them, we have got to change their hearts and their minds and we can.

Nelson Mandela spent many years in prison, but he never gave up. In Myanmar, one slender woman has fought tyranny for her whole life and she has never given up.

We are not starving, we are not in prison, we are not refugees. We have no excuses for giving up.