No link, just another editorial. But this is important and I must say it publicly.

I have never in my life been so disappointed in people as I am in the so-called liberals who are all over the blogosphere bashing gays and blaming them. If y’all want to be fascist appeasers, then be my guest, but you are not going to have me as a companion on your particular road to tyranny and hell.
I will never give up my principles. I will not alter my morality. I will stand with my gay and lesbian and transsexual fellow citizens to the bitter end. It is non-negotiable. I will go where they go and I will fight for them with my last breath. That’s final.
Those of you now joining the witch hunt can go to hell. Fine bunch of progressives some of you are. I cry “Shame” on all of you who are daring to blame same sex marriage for the loss of this election.