The Red State/Blue State Myth

From Holden:

Is your state Red or Blue? Mine seems to be a mixture of green and brown, at least what I can see of it outside the nearest window.

I for one don’t buy into this idea of a divided nation based on color-coded maps displayed by Big Media every four years. Good ideas coupled with organization and execution will defeat color codes.

Do you buy the Red State/Blue State myth? Then how do you explain what happened in Montana Tuesday, where they elected a Democratic governor

[Brian] Schweitzer, the first Democrat elected governor here since 1984, defied predictions that Montana had become a Republican stronghold that a Democrat could no longer win.

Complete unofficial returns show Schweitzer with 220,601 votes for 50 percent, while Republican Bob Brown had 202,067 votes for 46 percent. Green Party candidate Bob Kelleher placed a distant third with 8,288 votes for 2 percent of the vote, while Libertarian Stan Jones placed last with 7,344 votes for 2 percent.

And overwhelmingly passed a medical marijuana intitiative, with a final tally of 62% for and 38% against?