Literature of Change

In a search for quotes from Saint Joan to make a tormented comparison between the English and the French and Us and Them and Agincourt and Orleans which I abandoned for fear of being ripped to shreds by intelligent First Drafters who have, I don’t know, written a book on the subject or something, plus they ended up burning Joan so I don’t think I want to compare our next nominee to her just now and anyway George will always be the Dauphin to me so fuck it, I found instead this bit from George Bernard Shaw, and thought, well, yes:

Every drunken skipper trusts to Providence. But one of the ways of Providence with drunken skippers is to run them on the rocks.

Today while watching Fox News I squinted up at the headlines on the crawl and I swear to God I thought one of them said “Bush: America Is Better Off With Woodchucks.” And it is a measure of how far gone I think he is that for a moment, I thought, “Oh, his environmental policy.”

He said we were better off with a “Vigorous” something or other, and I need a stronger eyeglass prescription.

Just a couple of smiles to end what has surely been a bitch of a couple of days.