Organize, organize, organize

Liberaloasis has a post up about where we go from here.

What it says, among other things, is that we have no leaders right now, and that is true. And that is one thing that is hurting us, personally, I think. But as the post points out, we do have organizations in place right now that we can use as tools to organize.
They are the usual suspects: Center for American Progress, MoveOn, Air America Radio, Media Matters. Liberal Oasis has links to all of them in the post. I know there are more; Dr. Dean’s organization, for example and the blog it runs: Blog for America.
I knew before November 2 that if we lost, and I knew it was possible, that we would have to hold each other up. That’s about the size of it. Right now, we are shell-shocked and in no mood to reach out to those whom we think betrayed our country by voting for Bush. That will come later. Right now, we have to get through this first terrible period, and I think we all feel better than we did on Wednesday. By Monday, we should all be clearer about what needs to be done next. Hang in there, hang around, we can hold each other’s virtual hands and give each other virtual hugs in the meantime.