Saturday Project: Letters to Harry

For the last couple of days we’ve all been looking for something to do, some action to take. Well, I’ve got an idea for something small, and it’s something you all do very well: write to somebody.

Write to our new Senate Minority Leader, Harry Reid.

Tell him what you think the party should do during his tenure. Tell him what you most want to see, or what you most fear will happen. Hell, tell him how hard you worked for the Dems this time around and how you feel. Vent, give constructive criticism, whatever you want.

Most of all, tell him you’re out here, looking to him to lead your loyal opposition party in these difficult times.

Here’s the Senator’s contact info:

528 Hart Senate Office Building

Washington, DC 20510

E-mail form.

Post your letters in the thread and we’ll put some excerpts up on the main page Saturday night.