This Ain’t No Party, This Ain’t no Disco

If you peruse the editorials today, for example, Brooks has a complete hack job in the NYT, you will find the new meme developed in full: Liberals are out of touch with America.

Do I believe this? Absolutely not. In the first place, there is no mandate for this president, no matter what the media is trying to sell us now. Let me remind you that no. 6 of the 14 signs of fascism is a controlled mass media.

No more breast beating over what we did “wrong.” We did nothing wrong. We have been kidnapped by fear and prejudice, the basest instincts in this country. If we let them cow us, we might as well move to Canada or Europe. I don’t think that that is necessary or a good idea. We have too much to do and there is too much at stake.

I sent some money to black box voting yesterday to help with an investigation of the election. I do not think that anything will change the result of the election, but it will help to dispel the strength of this “mandate” meme before it gets any further out of hand. It’s up to you what you want to do. Pick something that you care deeply about and concentrate on it – whether it is reproductive rights, peace, the environment, equal justice for gays and lesbians, the propaganda machine that is our media – whatever. There is an organization out there for almost anything that you care about. And there are plenty of like-minded Americans out there, too. I think we are going to become more and more aware of that in the days to come. And I also believe that the faster we stand up for what we believe in, the harder it will be for them to shut us up.