Your Letters to Harry

Damn, you people are good.

From Lynne:

Your election into Majority Leader propels you to the forefront of our fight for the people of this country. Please know that your strength is not only devised from your own principles, but from the no-longer-silent majority who want government to protect and help the vulnerable, the helpless, and the strong alike. We will not bow in the face of adversity, for your sake and ours. We hope for the future. You can bring it to us.

From hassgocubs

If I have one direct plea to you, Senator, it’s that it’s important that the Democratic Party not write off whole swaths of the nation. Yes, the party may not be as strong in some parts of this nation as in others, but that doesn’t mean that we as a party must abandon them, or, worse, disregard them. My sister-in-law, a social worker in Birmingham, Alabama, runs the Multicultural Resource Center, a building that helps migrant workers to assimilate in this country. She and I spoke the other day about how frustrating it is to feel almost abandoned by the Democratic Party. I hope that you along with other Democrats work towards reaching out to them to offer that there is another path.

I know some of you are getting a bounce-back on the e-mail form that says he’ll respond only to Nevada writers. Any Nevadans out there reading this? All the more reason for you to write. And maybe once he gets his act together, he’ll appreciate the messages from those of us who are coming from his country and party, not just his state.