Tectonic plates have shifted, and we’ll feel the results soon

Atrios pulled his comments and shut Eschaton down until tonight or tomorrow, according to what he said. Kos has just announced that he is pulling back, as well, and intends to open his site to different guest bloggers. Some of his present bloggers are saying that they will quit posting. Krugman is gone until at least January.
This is one thing I was afraid of. I don’t know yet what all this means, if anything, but it is apparent that there is massive burnout occurring on the left side of the blogosphere. I’m open to whatever your view of the situation is. I’m also anxious to hear what you think is happening or is likely to happen in the near future, and if you see it as positive or not. It may be a bit soon to be asking this, but it may not be, either.
Update: Atrios is back.