The Good Word

from Sideshow (thanks to pie,)

“The other day Patrick quoted Mark Schmitt, who said, ‘the right question, I think, is not whether religion has an undue influence, but why is it that the current flourishing of religious faith has, for the first time ever, virtually no element of social justice?’
The most offensive thing about the religious right may not be that they want to base their activities on ‘faith’ rather than fact, or even that the one thing they claim is ‘inerrent,’ that is better than empirical fact and should be taken literally, is the Bible. The thing that’s even more offensive is that they say they are Christians and yet base none of their actions on the teachings of Christ in the Gospels, what they say is the literal word of God.
They want to put the Ten Commandments in every classroom and courtroom, but they don’t want to have to read them.”

It’s long, but please read it all. I think this is exactly right. I think this is one thing that needs to be pointed out and said again and again and again. Since November 2, there has been a growing outcry from the “winners” that they want our respect for their “righteousness.” I am an adult. I do not hand-out my respect lightly – if someone wants me to respect them then they have got to earn it. The people who continue to scream at us since they “won” this election are basically trying to force us to accede to whatever they wish to do based on nothing more than their assertions that they are correct.
I jokingly told Mr. Tena last night that what they have been yelling ever since last Wednesday is that they want us to respect their stupidity and their venality. I can’t and will not do that. I will not be stupid and venal myself just to please them. They have shown us nothing of their goodness, their righteousness or their supposed love for this country and what it has stood for. They have only yelled about those things at us. They do not wish to talk to us, but to lecture us. They have not earned the right to do so and I will tell them that at every opportunity.