Take Your Job And Shove It

Eric Engberg really needs to calm down:

The difference is that the bloggers aspire to being a force in our public life and claim to be at the forefront of a new political-media era. It was clear to me, from following their efforts that night, that, unlike journalists, some blog operators who are quick to trash the MSM not only don’t care about the veracity of the stories they are spreading, they do not understand when there is a live hand grenade on their keyboard. They appear not to care. Their concern is for controversy and “hits.”

Look. TV didn’t finish off radio, radio didn’t finish off print, the telephone may have put a substantial dent in the telegraph market but only after a generation or two, and I don’t want your effin’ jobs, so just clamber down off your ledge, stop reading Sully, and fucking relax.

The most telling thing about how special these guys think they are is that they think everybody wants to be them. Thanks, but if I wanted to spend all day every day bullshitting with a bunch of vapid assholes, I’d have gone back and taught at my high school. I blog because I like it, and some of you seem to, too, for reasons passing all understanding, not because I secretly aspire to be just like the Kewl Kids. God. This is like watching supposedly heterosexual men worrying about gay men coming on to them. Because, you know, everybody comes on to them, because they’re just so stone cold smokin’ fine.

Oh, and by the by as far as hits are concerned, I only check my stats once a week or so. How often did you look yourself up in the Nielsens, Eric?