Bring Our Troops Home

From Holden:

It’s time to start turning up the pressure on the Bush Administration over the War on Iraq. Let’s take him at his word that the mission was accomplished on May 1, 2003, and ask why we still have troops there. Saddam and his supposed weapons no longer threaten us. The establishment of a friendly, secular democracy in Iraq was never anything more than a pipe dream. The events that will unfold over the next three months will prove this to be true.

I sincerely doubt that a national election can be held in Iraq in January, but if elections are indeed held they will fail (particularly now that the Association of Muslim Scholars is calling for all Sunis to boycott the election). Flawed elections or no elections – neither result will be what the administration has been promising for months.

This time they must be held accountable. We need to start building pressure towards pulling out now so that when the end of January rolls around we will be too strong to resist. The new offensive in Fallujah, with fourteen U.S. soldiers killed in just the past two days, will add to that pressure.

We were unable to run this administration out of office last week. Yet we still have the opportunity and the ability to bring its stupid, illegal war to an end. We owe that to our country.