More Bits of Belling Wisdom

Belling calls a war hero a nutter:

Belling, substitute hosting for Limbaugh today, said that Wesley Clark reminds him of Col. Flag, the kooky CIA/DIA/CID/XXX-spy-agency officer from M*A*S*H.

Here, conservative portions of blogtopia (tm skippy) attempt to defend Belling, painting the awful spectre of people suspended from radio all over the world for saying “wetback” on the air, neglecting to note that that would only happen if everybody on the radio all over the world was as dim as Belling, something I sincerely doubt.

And not to be rude or anything, but having the hottest collectible in Milwaukee radio isn’t, like, a huge honor or anything. So you beat out the Bob Uecker Commemorative Turkey Baster, so what?

who means no offense to Bob Uecker, who was the voice of her childhood summer evenings, and who she adores