Bring Our Troops Home

From Holden:

U.S. forces have suffered at least ten soldiers killed in action during the current pointless and hardly symbolic push into a lightly-defended Fallujah, a mission officially known as Operation Al Fajr (I’m sure that won’t make it on any cheap t-shirts). Two hundred Iraqi soldiers refused to attack Fallujah and abandoned the offensive. While ten percent of U.S. ground forces are occupied by Operation Al Fajr insurgents are attacking throughout Iraq, including gunfights in Mosul, a bombing in Baqaba that killed another U.S. soldier, and the kidnapping of three of Interim PM Allawi’s relatives.

Meanwhile the Suni Islamic Party stormed out of the Interim Government Coalition in protest over the assault on Fallujah.

It’s time to bring our troops home, this war was lost before it began.