By The Quality of Those Who Come To His Aid

Wow, Mark Belling truly has the brain trust rallying to his side these days:

What a disappointment Clear Channel Communications Inc. is.  They sacrificed Mark Belling, one of their top-rated radio hosts to appease the gluttonous desires of professional Latino agitators.

Speaking of freedoms, I am free to protest their cowardice…and free to change the channel.

Promise? Pretty please? I’d give my left arm and some toes for a conservative boycott of Clear Channel …

Also, the Milwaukee County Board and the handily re-elected Sen. Russ Feingold make their opinions known:

U.S. Sen. Russ Feingold (D-Wisconsin) also weighed in Tuesday. “Recent remarks by Mark Belling are extremely inappropriate in our society, let alone on the public airwaves,” he said in a statement. The Milwaukee County Board passed a resolution condemning Belling’s remarks.