Scooter’s Enemies List

From Holden:

Our friend and future commander in chief Scott Slemmons has put together a list of his most hated media whores and is making an attractive offer to their employers:

Every time one of them is fired or sent to prison, I send their previous employer five large pizzas, prepared and delivered from a fine local pizzeria, with a short congratulatory note from yours truly. Retirements and resignations don’t count — it’s important that the employer recognizes that the reporter/pundit has been doing a bad job and needs to be ejected. If they die, no pie. I don’t want these media whores dead — I want them either in jail or working the drive-thru at the nearest McDonald’s. I want them able to reflect on what they’ve done wrong.

He has one freakin’ long and depressing list, so I’m guessing Scooter has cornered the pepperoni market recently.