Like Fighting an Amoeba

From Holden:

While the U.S. is using roughly 10% of its in-country forces to invade and occupy a nearly-empty Fallujah, insurgents are taking controll of Mosul.

And what do we have to show for Operation Al Fajr as the Fallujah mission has been christened? Nearly 20 dead and a flood of casualties:

A steady stream of wounded from Iraq, mostly from fighting in Fallujah, has begun arriving at the U.S. military’s main hospital in Europe, an official said Thursday. Two planeloads with around 90 wounded who could not be treated in Iraq were expected later Thursday at the Landstuhl Regional Medical Center, said spokeswoman Marie Shaw.

“We are very busy,” Shaw said. “We have seen an increase of patient arrival since the outbreak of the Fallujah conflict.”

She said 38 injured soldiers arrived on Monday, 23 more on Tuesday, and 64 on Wednesday.

Shaw said the hospital was expanding capacity to cope with the additional numbers of patients. “We have expanded our intensive care unit here with about 10 more beds, and we have expanded our medical surgical wards with about 40 more beds,” she said.

Including the expansion, the hospital, the largest military medical facility outside the United States, now has 27 intensive care beds.