Patriotism, FCC style

On the unintended consequences of our national prudishness:

In a statement on the Web site of Atlanta’s WSB-TV, the station’s vice president and general manager, Greg Stone cited a March ruling in which the FCC said an expletive uttered by rock star Bono during NBC’s live airing of the 2003 Golden Globe Awards was both indecent and profane.

The agency made it clear then that virtually any use of the F-word — which is used in “Saving Private Ryan” — was inappropriate for over-the-air radio and television.

The Bono case “reversed years of prior policy that the context of language matters,” Stone said. He added that broadcaster could not get any clarification from the FCC on whether the movie violates the standard.

Other stations that decided not to air the movie include WGNO-TV of New Orleans, owned by Tribune Broadcasting Corp., and WMUR-TV of Manchester, N.H., owned by Hearst-Argyle Television Inc.

I was just thinking the other day that it’s rather nice, that our national Puritan Revival comes just in time for Thanksgiving.