Department of THIS is what gets him in trouble?

Fuck up a war, killing thousands of civilians and hundreds of Americans over a country that was no threat to us? No big deal. Act like an asshole in an airport and you get put in the naughty chair:

Robert Blackwill, former White House director of postwar policy in Iraq, was chided by national security adviser Condoleezza Rice after a woman claimed he grabbed her arm and was verbally abusive at a Kuwaiti airport, administration officials said Friday.

� The alleged incident occurred as Blackwill, a former ambassador to India, was trying to return to the United States to campaign with President Bush, the administration officials said. They said the alleged incident was not related to Blackwill’s decision last week to step down.

A secretary for the U.S. embassy in Kuwait says Blackwill, after learning he was not on a flight manifest, grabbed and bruised her arm while insisting he be allowed on board, according to the White House officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity because it was a personnel matter. Blackwill denies touching her, officials said.

Considering that arrogant disregard for others is pretty much this administration’s MO, I’m pretty surprised that this got him slapped around a bit. I’m violently appalled that this is the first time I’ve heard of this guy being reprimanded for anything. The things these people choose to care about, I fucking swear to God.

I suppose we’ll hear next that Douglas Feith has been reprimanded for Super Sizing his Value Meal in direct disobedience of a directive from the President’s Council on Physical Fitness.