And Then There Was Condi

From Holden:

First it was education fraud Rod Paige. Today it’s gutless wonder Colin Powell. That leaves Condi as the only African American, hell she’s the only minority, still holding a cabinet-level position in a Bush administration that hardly resembles America.

As for Powell…

It would be nice if he would write a tell-all book about what really happened during the run-up to the War on Iraq. A discussion of how Georgie was eager to invade way back in 1999 in order to enhance his shot at a second term, or an examination of the way the intelligence was skewed. Hell, how about the kidnapping of Aristide, that would be a real page turner.

But no. Once a coward, always a coward. And there’s no question that Colin Powell doesn’t have the balls to speak truth to power. He wouldn’t want to put his son out of work or preclude any future run as Jeb’s veep.