Belling’s Back


Mark Belling used the word “wetback,” a derogatory term for undocumented Mexican immigrants, on his Oct. 27 show about potential voter fraud in Wisconsin.

On Monday, he devoted the third hour of his three-hour program to talking about the issue, which he said he won’t address again.

“The comment that I made was an aberration, and everyone who listens to the program knows that,” Belling said. “This does not mean I should get a pass for it. I don’t believe in passes. I am a strong advocate of personal responsibility and I should be held responsible.”

But Belling said he won’t change the tone of his program, even when things can get inflammatory.

“I cannot make any promise to the audience other than this: This show ain’t changing at all,” he said. “I can’t promise that I won’t say something that will be truly offensive to many, as my comment that created this entire situation, was.”

Nice. “I was a dick, but I’m not sorry, and I intend to continue being a dick.” Looks like that suspension worked wonders. I can’t wait to be educated on diversity by this guy. I’ll bet he has a lot to teach us.

Wisconsin Draftees who are subjected to this fucknut, please keep us informed as to his antics. I’ll be checking, but mercifully, I now live out of his listening area.