Has some meditations on values.

Go. Read them. Be inspired. Get the T-shirt. Whatever.

Call your school district and ask about the evolution thing from last night. And write to Harry.

Harry on the radio this afternoon sounded like a freaked-out newborn deer. I don’t know the guy at all, but man … there’s an army of people out here waiting to be told where to stand and what to shoot at, just tell us what to do. There’s not a person out here who isn’t dying for leadership.

That’s the thing that gets me about “safe” establishment Democrats sometimes. Do they honestly think if they stood up, there wouldn’t be hundreds of people right behind them, backing them up? Do they honestly not know we’re here?

This country is starved, still, STILL, for leadership and for honest debate. This country is still starved for help. Kerry promised it was on the way. I’m getting impatient.