The Dissolving Coalition

From Holden:

With 1,210 American soldiers dead in Iraq since Chimpy invaded (89 for November and counting), the Poles (who are already planning to scale back their committment) are warning that they won’t be able to hold their zone if the Hungarians and the Ukrainians pull out (Hungary has already announced that they are buggin out in March while the Ukraine is in the midst of an election in which the opposition leader has pledged to pull their troops out of Iraq):

If other countries follow Hungary in pulling troops out of Iraq, there might not be enough soldiers left to continue a Polish-led international security force, a Polish official warned in an interview published Wednesday.

Deputy Foreign Minister Boguslaw Zaleski also pointed to uncertainty over the future participation of Ukrainian forces and the plans to size down the Polish contingent.

“There might not be enough soldiers to control any zone,” Zaleski told the Gazeta Wyborcza newspaper.

Hungary’s Parliament rejected a government proposal earlier this week to extend the stay of its 300-strong transport contingent in Iraq beyond the end of this year.

That departure, Polish Defense Minister Jerzy Szmajdzinski said Tuesday, would pose a “serious problem” for Poland, which now leads a 15-nation force of about 6,000 troops in Iraq, including 2,400 of its own.