Ch. 87, in which we learn that Bush is a Trotskyite

Over at Kos,

You can read all about Seymour Hersh’s address tonight at Hampshire College in Amherst, MA. And do – you’ll be so glad you did. A couple of things:
In a moment that is described as “one of the most powerful” of the evening, Hersh explained the difference between Vietnam and Irag. A loss in Vietnam had tactical consequences. In Iraq, the consequences are strategic.
He described Condi as a dimwit, and said she’s just like George – ineffective and incompetent. However, he said that Bush himself believes in this war, will never back down and he is a Utopian.
And goddamn, he is too.
Oh Shit.
You have to love Seymour Hersh. When the times call, he gets up and answers, if you see what I mean. He doesn’t seem to want to be quiet about things just because George believes he has a mandate [my ass]. Things are never too forlorn when someone like Hersh is around, doing the work of the just.