More Proof that Bush and Stalin Could be Best Buds


The Department of Homeland Security is requiring thousands of employees to sign non-disclosure agreements. These would prohibit the sharing of sensitive, but not classified, information with the public.
The Department also tried to require congressional aides to sign the secrecy pledge. The aides have rebuffed the department, however.
“We have steadfastly refused to sign any non-disclosure agreements…This is unclassified material and Congress has a right to it without signing away our lives,” said Ken Johnson, a spokesman for House Homeland Security Chairman, Christopher Cox, (R – CA). Democratic aides have also refused.
Another bold step toward Stalinism by the Bush administration. However, it strikes me that there may be a struggle shaping up between this president and his Congress. Even Republican Congressmen don’t like having their authority undermined by the executive. It remains to be seen how the administration will try to force such limits on legislative powers, and whether Congress can resist the pressure. But as Mr. Johnson also pointed out in the article I linked to, such non-disclosure agreements may well be unconstitutional. And continued pressure from the White House along these lines could potentially force a constitutional showdown between the executive and the legislative.