Not-Jenna the Fag Hag

From Holden:

The hypocracy gene is dominant in some families.

Last November, [Not-Jenna] Bush attended a Pansy Division concert at Rudy’s, the divey New Haven watering hole. Pansy Division, America’s leading all-gay rock band, is known for its quirky homo-ballads and driving punk anthems like “Groovy Underwear” (“Tight briefs on your sexy butt/white fabric surrounding your nuts…”).

Around 2 a.m. one Saturday in March, I ran into Barbara at Starlight, a gay lounge in New York’s East Village. As a fellow Yale student, I recognized her immediately, but upon approach she pretended not to go to Yale, but to be a student at Hartford’s Trinity College. Eventually, one of her friends blew her cover, yelling, “Come on Barbara, let’s go!”

My next ostensibly “gay” encounter with Bush came in early May, a few weeks before her graduation from Yale, when I saw her arm-in-arm between two known homosexuals (classmates of hers), literally skipping down High Street, like Dorothy, the Scarecrow, and the Tin Man prancing off to see the Wizard.

In August, the New York Daily News reported that Barbara and twin sister Jenna had been invited to witness the nuptials of Washington-area beautician Erwin Gomez and his partner James Packard. Gomez, who does the sisters’ eyebrows, said that when he invited the twins to the event, they replied, “That sounds great, we’d love to come–it sounds like a lot of fun.” And this from the daughters of a man who supports a constitutional ban on gay marriage.