Department of Things That Have To Be Funny, Otherwise I’ll Just Start Screaming

After defeating a man his hired monkeys repeatedly derided as an effete liberal rich-boy, the President was so excited he went right out and bought himself a yacht.

One expenditure buried in the bill is $2 million for the Navy to repurchase the presidential yacht Sequoia. It was built in 1925 and first used by President Hoover. In the throes of Watergate, President Nixon cruised the Potomac at night on the boat and brooded on his fate.

When President Carter was trying to rid the White House of an imperial image, he had the yacht sold to a private group for $286,000. Ever since, it has been rented out for private parties.

Shorter George Bush: Who needs body armor? The comfort of knowing Jesus and I have a yacht will keep our soldiers safe.

Oh, and he also had Air Force One repainted. Here’s a picture:

Photo courtesy of Norbizness.