Hey, Hey, LBJ

Today’s installment of our national flashback comes to us from the University of Wisconsin:

With the Army Recruitment Office on University Square Mall as their target on Thursday, students decided they would not stand to participate in this war on Iraq, said UW-Madison junior Ruth Castel-Barnco.

“Our hopes are to start an antiwar movement that includes local issues,” she said.

According to Ruth, four students walked into the office at 2:00 p.m. and promptly informed the Army recruiters that they were protesting its presence on campus and refused to leave until it shut down.

The plan was for the group to get arrested, said UW-Madison sophomore and fellow sit-in participant Ashok Kumar. “I feel like peaceful, nonviolent, non-cooperative protest is the best way.”

The four students arrested were Kumar, Charlie Hoyt, Liz Klainot and Nick Limbeck.

In addition to the students inside the Army Recruitment Office, approximately 20 students surrounded it yelling anti-war chants. At that time, the recruiters shut the doors to the office and covered the windows with white paper.

Remind me again how this isn’t Vietnam.