Hogzilla, We Hardly Knew Ye

From Holden:


The legend of Hogzilla, the prodigious porker that was supposedly shot on a nearby plantation, will be featured in a spring episode on the National Geographic Channel.

Since rumors of the hog’s existence began spreading in June, newspapers around the world have carried stories on the half-ton beast that supposedly had 9-inch tusks and measured 12 feet long.


Last spring, one of [property owner Ken] Holyoak’s employees told him he kept seeing a large hog roaming around their property. In June, Chris Griffin shot the animal and then called his boss.

“I went right over there and couldn’t believe it,” Holyoak said. “His head was about as big as a car tire.”


Holyoak said Monday that the National Geographic crew wore respirators while they worked with Hogzilla’s remains.

“It looked like a dead hog,” he said. “It had been in there five months, so it didn’t smell good either.

So, Hogzilla is dead, huh? Funny, I didn’t even know he was sick.