Insurgents Claim Mandate in Fallujah

From Holden:

With Georgie’s body count clocking in at 1,221 U.S. dead during the entire adventure, 100 for November alone, there’s some question as to just who is winning in Fallujah:

Militant groups in battle-torn Fallujah have controlled 60 percent of the central Iraqi city and surrounded dozens of US Marines in Jolan district,witnesses said Sunday.

“Defenders of the city are controlling 60 percent of the city and they are encircling dozens of US soldiers in Jolan neighborhood,” eyewitnesses who managed to sneak out of the city told Xinhua.

Residents of Fallujah said the southern part of Fallujah, which is still under control of the militant groups, constitutes the larger part of the city, and US troops only control the north and small eastern spots in the city.