Saddam Looks in Mirror, Sees Georgie’s Face

From Holden:

Saddam Hussein’s lawyers are contemplating a petition to The Hague seeking to charge the U.S. with war crimes:

Lawyers for ousted Iraqi president Saddam Hussein announced that they were asking the International Court of Justice to prosecute the United States for war crimes, even though individuals are not allowed to petition the tribunal.

Defence team spokesman Ziad Khassawneh acknowledged that the petition would have to be signed by a member of the ousted regime as the world court only hears cases forwarded by states and “duly authorised international organs and agencies”.

However, like all of Saddam’s counsel, Khassawneh insisted that the ousted president remained Iraq ‘s legitimate head of state, given what he described as the illegal nature of last year’s US-led invasion.

“We insist that Saddam is the legitimate president of Iraq and his government is the only government that represents Iraqis, thus any official of his government is able to petition the court,” the spokesman said.

First Canada, now the last legitimate ruler of Iraq. Sure would be nice if someone somewhere could make something stick, or at least put the words “war crimes” on the lips of our talking heads here in the US of A.