The Douchebag for Liberty Respects His Audience

From Holden:

Novak at the Universtiy of Wisconsin:

Many audience members lined up after Novak’s remarks to ask questions. It was late in the questioning when someone asked about his decision to publish the name of covert CIA operative Valerie Plame, the wife of Bush White House critic and former Ambassador Joseph C. Wilson IV.

Novak is at the center of a Justice Department probe into who leaked Plame’s identity and said he would be “murdered” by his lawyer if he talked about the case in public.

“To the regret of many people,” he said, “I am not a criminal target.”

Not satisfied with the answer, the questioner, UW student Dinesh Ramde, asked if in hindsight Novak would do it again. He got no answer, just a dismissive glance.

“I thought he would be anxious to talk about it – to get his side out, so I was disappointed that he didn’t answer and more disappointed that he didn’t answer the second question,” Ramde said afterward.