Exporting Anger and Fear

From Holden:

Richard Armitage is leaving the State Department with Colin Powell so he did not have to be too careful about what he said in this interview with an Aussie journalist:

MAXINE McKEW: In fact, I think you said on one of your visits to Australia that you regretted that America had exported a lot of its anger to the rest of the world.

RICHARD ARMITAGE: Yeah, we – traditionally I think Americans support hope and enthusiasm and opportunity, but after 9-11 it was anger and our fear that we exported.

I think we’re coming back to centre a little on that.

We’re mindful of the dangers from terrorism.

Certainly our friends in Australia, who have struggled so hard against terrorism themselves, are mindful of the dangers.

But we have to go on and live in the world and we look forward to playing a proper and appropriate and good role in the world.