The political crack den points us toward this, a discussion of the DLC and its ongoing effort to fuck itself in its ass.

While Atrios is doing an admirable job of smacking around Will Marshall, Al From and the others on the general theme of “if they’re already trying to kill you, stop painting a target on your forehead,” this passage jumped out at me:

What From, Marshall and the other DLC speakers were doing last week was not just ruminating out loud about the need to shy away from certain demonized liberal icons. They were, instead, announcing their willingness to embrace the other side’s tactic—I hate to lean on this overused word, but it is a McCarthyite tactic—of branding certain individuals as traitors and anti-Americans. What they were doing was sending up a trial balloon, to see if anyone noticed this chilling affirmative shift in strategy and tactics.

The problem, to my mind, isn’t the tactic, it’s the direction. The Democrats and the Republicans have always had political weapons in common, and to my mind, quarrelling over who is using a sharper arrow has always been a dumb debate.

The only difference is that the Republicans use their arsenal on the Democrats. The Democrats tend to unleash it on themselves.

Now, if they were to stop worrying about Michael Moore and start pointing their Bow Of Snotty Righteousness at, say, a Republican or two, that would be a shift.