Bush Family Christmas Carols

From Holden:

It’s the season again, the time of year when no matter where you go – restaurant, shopping mall, drugstore, gas station, massage parlor – you hear those same songs, over and over.

But the Bush family has customized the familiar carols to match thier own family history and outlook on life. Join me in collecting these songs of the season that Dear Leader and the rest of the Bushies slur their way through during the entire holiday season.

I’ll start you off with a few of Georgie’s favorites, feel free to contribute others in the comments section.

War to the World

Silent National Guard Records

Hark! The Detainee on the Waterboard Sings

God Bless Ye’ Merry Supreme Court Justices

Away in a Drunktank

Deck the Homos

Little Town of Kennebunk

The Christmas Song (Iraqi’s Nuts Roasting on an Open Fire)

(Pretty) Little Drummer Boy

Grandma Got Run Over By The Right Wing’s Desires to Destroy Social Security

O Come All Ye Gullible

White Christmas (The Voter’s Song)

UPDATE: Filkertom, defying both space and time, contributes both titles and lyrics in a post from the past.