The Rising Chorus

From Holden:

Add Vlad to the list of those who don’t believe Iraq can hold elections on January 30.

“Honestly speaking, I cannot imagine how it is possible to organize elections under the conditions of occupation by foreign forces,” Putin said in televised comments during a Kremlin meeting with interim Iraqi Prime Minister Ayad Allawi.

UPDATE: Now even Iraqi puppet Interim Prime Minister Allawi is backpedalling faster than Liddy Dole’s proctologist:

Belgium’s Le Soir newspaper reported Tuesday that Allawi, who is touring Europe, said: “I think one could envisage elections spread over 15 days, 20 days, with polling on different dates for different provinces. … That would allow for adequate security arrangements to be put in place.”


In Baghdad, Abdul Hussein al-Hindawi, head of the Independent Electoral Commission of Iraq, said the idea of staggered voting days has never been discussed or suggested to his panel.

Al-Hindawi said he doubts the elections could be spread out over several days. He noted there are questions about the technical viability of such a plan, and the problem that, under Iraq’s transitional administrative law, the elections cannot be held after January 31.