Degenerate Art

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A painting in an exhibition that drew thousands to the Chelsea Market for its opening was abruptly taken down over the weekend after the Market’s managers complained about a portrait of Bush painted by Christoper Savido, 23, from Pittsburgh. The portrait is made up of tiny pictures of chimpanzees.
“When we hung the show on Wednesday, we were asked to take down the Bush piece,” said Bucky Turco, the show’s organizer. “I agreed, but said that I thought it makes a strong addition and that I would rehang it for the opening.”
During the opening on Thursday, the gallery was filled with artists, models, and rap singers. There was also an open bar and a D.J. This apparently upset a Market worker, who told Mr. Turco that “the party’s over right now,” then called security to clear everyone out. When the Market worker saw the Bush portrait hung, “he flipped,” Mr. Turco said. “If I didn’t take the show down, he was going to have me arrested, seize the art, and evict me from my office.”
Threats of books being removed from libraries; art work that cannot be hung because it criticizes the preznit. Sound familiar? How about if I say it all over again in German, then will it sound more familiar?
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