Meet Tim-MEH

From Holden:

Just a couple of tid-bits from yesterday’s installment of Meet the Press.

First, Tim Russert asks Sen. Richard Lugar if Rumsfeld should resign.

MR. RUSSERT: Secretary Rumsfeld be held accountable for what’s going on in Iraq? Should he stay in office?

SEN. LUGAR: He should be held accountable, and he should stay in office.

Gee, Dick, I should think that in order to hold Rummy accountable for his many failures in Iraq alone you would have fire him. Why should he stay on?

The fact is that change of leadership in the Pentagon at this point might be as disruptive as trying to get somebody in homeland defense. We really cannot go through that ordeal.

I see, you’re afraid that the Bushboy will nominate another corrupt incompetent like Bernie Kerik. That makes sense.

And speaking of Chimpy, later in the show Tim asked Sen. John Warner what Time’s Person of the Year [sic] should do in his second term.

MR. RUSSERT: What does George W. Bush have to do to have a successful second term?


SEN. WARNER: I think you’ll be surprised at the maturity and the growth that this man will show in the coming years.

You heard it, folks, the Republican Senator from Virginia holds out a hope that the 58-year-old President of the United States will display a little maturity in his second term. Yes, we look forward to seeing the man grow up a bit, Senator Warner.