Bigots: Kick Kid Out Of School


COSTA MESA, Calif. — Some parents and parishioners have accused the Roman Catholic diocese in Orange County of violating church doctrine by allowing a gay couple to enroll their children in a church school.

The group demanded that St. John the Baptist School in Costa Mesa accept only families that pledge to abide by Catholic teachings, the Los Angeles Times reported in Sunday’s editions. Church doctrine opposes gay relationships and adoption by same-sex couples.

“The teachings of the church seem to have been abandoned,” John R. Nixon told the Times. “We send our children to a Catholic school because we expect and demand that the teachings of our church will be adhered to.”

Um, memo to the bigots: Plenty of people who enroll their kids in Catholic school aren’t Catholic and so don’t adhere to the teachings of the One True Church, okay? Down the street from me there’s a lovely little school that’s almost entirely Baptist/Methodist, because after the public school in the neighborhood went completely to shit parents decided they wanted a school with art and music and talented teachers and they ponied up the cash for a good education despite the fact that their kids would have to, on occasion, attend Mass, and nobody bitched. In fact, the church looked at it as an opportunity, and nobody had to sign a loyalty oath or undergo a background check. Fucknuts.

Good thing the school wasn’t shy about telling the prejudiced to suck on it:

School officials rejected the demand, and issued a new policy stating that a family’s background “does not constitute an absolute obstacle to enrollment in the school.”

The parents’ demand would presumably prevent two adopted boys whose parents are both men from attending the school’s kindergarten.

The Rev. Gerald M. Horan, superintendent of diocese schools, said that if Catholic beliefs were strictly adhered to, then children whose parents divorced, used birth control or married outside the church would also have to be banned.

“This is the quagmire that the parents’ position represents,” he said. “It’s a slippery slope to go down.”

You know, Catholic schools across the country, including the ones I attended growing up, are losing money and attendance by the bucketful. May I politely suggest that the best way to remedy this is not by purging anybody whose moral checks can’t be cashed by the Vatican Bank?