I wonder if O’Reilly will be calling for the maximum sentence?

this story comes by way of Rorschach, at Nocapital.
The trial of a Kentucky man charged in the baseball bat beating of an Ohio National Guardsman begins this week in Newport, Kentucky.
Matthew Ashcraft, the 19 year old Guardsman, was attacked when he came to the defense of a gay man who was being beaten outside a Newport bar last June. Ashcraft was hit on the back of his head. His skull was fractured and he suffered from cranial bleeding and a blood clot on his brain. link.
Where’s the outrage? Where are all the right wingers who are up in arms over the beating of one of our troops? Where are all those people who are running around with 25 “support the troops” magnetic ribbons on their vehicles demanding justice for Matthew Ashcraft?
Ashcraft is a soldier in Falwell’s and Robertson’s holy war – where are their statements calling his attacker a terrorist? Jeez, guys, he’s not gay even. He was just helping – you know, the Good Samaritan and all that? Oh wait, that’s the NT, I think. Y’all don’t believe in anything in the NT before Paul takes over. Silly me – all the compassion stuff, the golden rule, that’s all just so pre-19th century, before the gospel of the End Times was written.

Love those rightwing values: patriotism, faith. They always just stick out all over, don’t they? I’ll be surprised if Fred Phelps doesn’t testify for the defense.