Another Torture Investigation

From Holden:

If I had a nickel for every time the Army investigated itself due to torture allegations…

The U.S. military’s regional command in Miami launched an investigation on Wednesday into FBI agents’ allegations that interrogators tortured prisoners at the Guantanamo Bay Naval Base.

The military’s Southern Command, which has jurisdiction over the U.S. base in eastern Cuba, ordered two officers to investigate the abuse allegations contained in FBI e-mails made public last month.


The memos were written by FBI agents who had worked at Guantanamo and were made public by the American Civil Liberties Union which obtained them under the Freedom of Information Act.


Officials at Guantanamo could not immediately be reached for comment but have previously denied that prisoners there were abused. The Bush administration also has been accused of abusing prisoners in Iraq and Afghanistan, and several military personnel have been charged.

The ACLU posted the memos in questions here. Most of them are one, two, or even three years old. I see the Army got right on that investigation.